The reason I am here

A glance into “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingleys, that’s the beginning of my Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) journey 3 years ago.

This Youtube video closely resembling our parenting journey.

My first bump- my son C


A little about us, my name is Rachel. I am a mother of 2 lovely children, my boy C is 5 years old and my girl I is 4 years old. Sound chaotic isn’t it? But I am still alive today and that’s the good news. I love reading, enjoy planning & organised theme based playdates, I believe playdates help in many ways in children development.



My “Son(C) & Daughter(I)”

I am married to my Long distance Boyfriend(now Husband) Dylan. We started our 192miles away relationship.

2016-08-31 01.18.48 pm

Oh well, now we are ONE(1mm away).


5 reasons I started this blog:

1. I want to inspire/share with others just like how other Mom bloggers inspire/encourage me through their blogs.

2. I want to document my journey on raising my children.

3. I love connection with people from every walks of life.

4. I want to learn from others who are in similar situation.

5. I have been messaging(WA, Facebook messaging) too much and I start wondering should I put it in writing.

Why “life little puzzle”, I have seen puzzle logo in my “Holland” journey and all along I was trying to fix it but along the journey, I realised I shouldn’t be fixing it instead I should find a puzzle piece that to fit in. So this blog name appeared to me that I’m looking for that little puzzle to fit in to my life journey.

2016-08-31 03.08.15 pm

This blog will be about my journey with my both children; tips on how to juggling between both, everyday unpredictable things in parenting, playdates event, going places with kids and everything…

Wherever you are, I would love to connect with you, you can comment here or email me at


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