My wandering boy found in Petrosains Discovery Centre(KLCC)

We have a plan, a visit to Petrosains Disvovery Centre, KLCC in Malaysia. KLCC was my usual hangout place when I was single, I can blindfold my eyes to walk around there. Read again, that’s when I was SINGLE equal no kids. Basically, I can’t even blink my eyes for a second when bringing my children to KLCC nowadays. Alas, I did blink my eyes and this is what happened…
It started with us took sets of escalator to reach the 4th floor of KLCC, we had our lunch at Madam Kwan because Petrosains was just next to it. While waiting for our food, I quickly walk over to buy the tickets 1 adult 2 children. It means I will be alone with these 2 little ones, a 4 years old and 5 years old. What a challenge! This is not the first time anyway…so I didn’t think much. 

At the entrance 

Our visit begins with a short queue to ride on a spaceship (Dark Ride). A QUEUE, not a big deal for anyone but it is a BIG deal to my boy(C). As usual, he whined “I have to wait for my turn” (his usual phrase) till his turn. My girl(I) was busy chatting away with every kid at the front and back line. Everything turn back normal once we hopped onto the spaceship. 

What we see throughout the Dark Ride

It’s such a great time being free from “whining”, anyway we enjoyed the ride a lot. It took us through the nature of Malaysia’s rainforest, mountain and underwater where children learn about amazing world of nature.

After the dark ride, and we begin our exploration in this discovery centre. 

Their first longest station – the Black Hole & Gravity

We spent at least 30mins alone in this black hole station just to see coin spinning with these 2 little boys from Russia. My boy kept describing what he sees in a very dramatic way. 

It’s great to hear him speaking that much till the Russian boys’ mum told me that my boy can be Football commentator. How I wish that she’s from TV station offering a job for my boy.

There are plenty of cool displays & exhibits in each zone. Here are some stations in Petrosains: 

Learning the world globe map through the touch interactive screen

As we continue exploring, we reached a diorama of the Mesozoic era with volcano exhibition. My boy(C) was walking very fast thinking this is a real dinosaur. It roars! It scares him, whereas his little  sister (I) keeps sharing with me what she see “Mommy, look! Look!”

The dinosaur that scare off my boy

Diorama showing “sea lion”???

Diorama featuring some Mesozoic animals and volcano

Next, we reached Sparkz Zone, where the eye-catcher activity was the digger. It is absolutely fun hands on activities for kids and even for adult like me. My girl(I) loves this a lot, it moves and digs.

She’s the digger driver for the day

While my girl busy digging, my boy fascinated by this tube exploration. Here children learn about gravity, speed and encourage their thinking skill. 

Creating tube structure

Interactive screen that prompts my boy jump in joy knowing his shadow can move the marbles. 

In this zone, there is this little playground with a small slide and blocks scattered on the floor, this is the place I finally catch my breath. 

The playground 

Interactive downhill ski arcade at Speed Zone


And after this, our trip shortened by alert for my missing boy(C). 

As I blinked my eyes, shifted my head towards my girl (I) for a second and turn back to my boy(C), he was GONE! I quickly grabbed my girl searching everywhere and couldn’t find him. I approached the first staff I saw and told her about my missing boy, showing his picture on my mobile phone. Without any delay, few staffs come by looking at a picture of my boy on my mobile phone and started alerting their colleagues via walkie talkie. I made a call to hubby to rush to the entrance to get him if he runs out from Petrosains. Within 15mins or so, they found my boy enjoying playing at 2nd level in the centre (Innovative lab). Upon seeing him, he happily runs to me, calling me, “Mommy!” But does he aware that he has lost me? Does he feel anything? His expression has shown that he doesn’t care. As usual, I tried to explain, but does he understand? It’s just a different path that I had with my boy(C). 

I profusely thank the staffs of Petrosains, they care and they are efficient. They assured me that my boy couldn’t run out from the centre. I finally understood that. You need to take a spaceship(dark ride) back to entrance, the kid is not allowed to ride alone. 

At this point, I wanted to end this visit and I couldn’t take it anymore. We didn’t return to where we missed out. However, we stopped by 3D theatre, I really need a break after the wandered off boy episode and this is the best spot! It’s such a shame that I dozed off in the theatre! It was a good 15mins “power nap” for a Mommy like me. 

Before we left in a spaceship… We passed by music, art science, that’s our final stop. We created pictures (dinosaur theme) in their interactive screen, and it is free, could easily email it to yourself as a souvenir. 

Through the Dark Ride to end our visit, there are video displays of present and future of Malaysia. 

Although I’m exhausted, energy drained, yet Petrosains still worth the visit. It was a great place for children to learn through their interactive, hands on activities. With their dedicated, highly efficient staffs coupled with closed structured of the centre makes everything at ease for me, a wandering boy’s Mommy. 

Special thanks to all the staffs at Petrosains that involved in finding my boy (C) on that fateful day! 

What we missed out in Petrosains:

1. part of speed zone( place that my boy wandered off)

2. Refinery

3. Nano molecule

4. Future energy

5. Innovation lab ( place that we found him) 

We will be back, Petrosains

Do note that child tag is available at counter upon request. This is to safeguard our children. 

Before you visit, make sure you get this Petrosains pre visit Kit (free download). It is to engaging the young in science and technology with creative and innovative activities. For more information about Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, you can visit their website HERE

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