Tips to find the wandering child in tourist attraction. 

Losing your child would be a terrifying moment for any parent. The first reaction of most parents is to panic. As tough as it can be, staying focus is the key.

Here are some tips to learn about how to reunite you and your child in the fastest way:

Before you enter

1. Take pictures of your children before they enter into any place– The attraction staff told me that “In here, we see a lot of children and they seemed alike”. It’s easier to recognise the clothes your child wear than your child face. 

2. Child identity tag– wear a child identity tag that stated child name, parent contact number. It helps to bring your child back to you. You may want to get this, free printable DIY your child identity tag by Raising Life Long Learner. 

3. Consider investing in GPS watch or Trax GPS Tracker – to track your child location and to prevent them from getting lost with GPS system. Do check if these gadgets support the location you are residing or vacationing. 

He’s gone! Now what? 

1. Stay calm and quickly check the area- Your child may return or probably not too far. 

2. Inform the first staff you see immediately– ask for help immediately is very crucial to find your child. Give them all information you had about your child. Show them your child’s picture capturing the moment entering the attraction. 

3. Send someone to be at the entrance -to secure the place in case your child runs out from attraction to the big open space. This is to prevent higher risk of safety.

4. Recall your child favourite area in the attraction – quickly check that area yourself & inform the staff. 

5. Keep returning to the same area where your child gone missing after you get help – for your child to return and for staffs to find you. 

What would you do if you found a lost child? How can you help? You can make a difference with your quick action.

  1. Be alert when seeing a child alone. Please do not ignore them. 
  2. Look around to see if the child’s parent around, any sign of the frantic parent looking for their child.
  3. Approached the child if no sight of the parent. Ask the child where’s his/her parent is. If the child not able to tell or too young to answer you, look for any child identity tag which might have contact number of his/her parent. Call the parent. 
  4. Remain near the child and alert the attraction staff. Stay with the child till the parent arrived. 
  5. Last resort, call the police if unable to locate the parent. 

If you have any tips to ensure safety of our children, I’d love to hear them. 

Read more on how I find my missing boy in tourist attraction.



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